With our unique, reusable rockets and more environment-friendly hybrid propellants, Gravitilab provides the world’s most sustainable suborbital launch technology. Our custom fleet opens access to higher altitudes for sustained microgravity so you can test products in a space environment.

We also offer the world’s first drone-based, drop-pod microgravity testing system, Louis, which brings the laboratory to you — removing the costs of drop tower or parabolic flight testing.


Take off: Q4 2021
Payload: 6kg
Microgravity duration: ≈5-10 seconds (per drop)
Cost per second of microgravity: from £63
Launches a day: 6
Altitude: 600m-2,000m
Lead time: 1 month

Max 75

Velocity: 137ms-1
Altitude: 0.8km
Payload: 1.2kg
Microgravity duration: ≈0.5s

Max 100

Velocity: 1,129ms-1
Altitude: 12km
Payload: 3kg
Microgravity duration: ≈1s

Max 135

Velocity: 550ms-1
Altitude: 1.81km
Payload: 3kg
Microgravity duration: ≈1s

Max 150

Velocity: 550ms-1
Altitude: 7km
Payload: 6kg
Microgravity duration: ≈2s


Lift -off : 2022
Velocity: 1372ms-1
Altitude: 80km
Payload: 6kg
Microgravity duration: ≈60s


Lift -off : Q4 2022
Velocity: 1646ms-1
Altitude: 120km
Payload: 16kg
Microgravity duration: ≈180s
Cost per second of microgravity: from £67
Launches a day: 1
Lead time: 2 months

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