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Gravitilab is transforming microgravity testing and space access

Whether you’re doing scientific research or validating a new space system, our end-to-end testing service gives you more time in microgravity and at lower cost.

Our proprietary, reusable launch vehicles make Gravitilab the sustainable choice for organisations looking to discover more.

Versatile. Proven. Sustainable.

  • 7 launch vehicles including the world’s first commercial UAV microgravity testing platform
  • 3 years of successful launches for European Space Agency programmes
  • 3 reusable hybrid rocket engines developed


We deliver up to 180 seconds of microgravity with a significant cost saving per kilo per second and short campaign lead times. With dedicated and rideshare launch capabilities, and the option to transport launch services to customers, we offer the most flexible microgravity testing opportunities available.


Our flexible, easy to book launch packages make accessing microgravity quick and simple. Whether you’re looking for end-to-end campaign support or a streamlined route to launch, we provide the service so you can focus on the results.


Our custom launch vehicles provide stable and sustained microgravity environments to undertake your research, de-risk your technology and validate your designs. We can help you achieve TRL 6 and higher so you get the results you need.


Every part of our custom fleet has been designed with sustainability in mind from cleaner propellant to strong yet lightweight construction, delivered by reusable launch systems.

Find the right Gravitilab launch service to accelerate your test campaign.