Isaac 2-stage LV 700 km capable LV.

March 2024


Isaac maiden flight 250 km capable LV.

March 2023


Ada hybrid rocket maiden flight. 50 km capable LV.

October 2022


Louis microgravity pod delivered into service.

Q1 2022

ADA becomes the first commercial rocket launched with the Spaceport 1 team in the UK. 

August 2021

Work commences with the UK’s National Composites Centre to analyse and develop proprietary lightweight structures.

June 2021

Louis ascent vehicle proven in flight.

May 2021

Completion of our dedicated hybrid rocket engine test site, one of only two in the UK.

February 2021

Patent applied for Louis, our unique dual UAV system.

December 2020

Aerodynamic flight test of Isaac (previously named Peregrine) sounding rocket in Australia.

February 2020